Policy #1: No children will be admitted without an adult (or high school aged sibling) present, except for high school aged kids. 

If you are in high school you will be asked to show your license or school ID if an adult is not present. I was that age not too long ago and I appreciated when adults would give me the chance to act a little grown up. So there is some responsibility these kids have to behave in a respectful manner to each other and the other patrons.

Policy #2: R-rated films will be 17 and up after 9:00p.m., even if an adult is present.

This isn't some indictment against parents who bring kids to R-rated movies, but we have heard so many people who say they find children in R-rated films to be a distraction. They are rated for adults and we will respect that designation for our late shows on Friday and Saturday night.

Policy #3: No talking, no texting, no cell phones.

You will be asked to leave and you won't get a refund.

Policy #4: Related to #3, babies.

We have three kids (7, 5, 3). We understand what it is like to head out for dinner and a movie and 5 minutes in the baby starts crying. If you come out to the concession stand before the halfway point in the film, we will happily give you a gift card for you to come back another time.

Policy #5: We limit the saving of seats to ONE additional seat beyond your own.

So no, you can't have one person come in and claim twelve seats for their party. You can save one seat in addition to your own, so if you have twelve people coming, you need six people to save all twelve seats.